Taylor Swift Goes to Court…The Pop Superstar Does Her Duty

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Taylor Swift was noticeably absent from the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night.


Kanye West, who rudely and notoriously grabbed the VMA award from Taylor’s hands during the 2009 MTV VMA award ceremony, trashed the “1989” singer once again. As Kanye took the stage, his lyrics that called Taylor the “B” word were playing, and he mocked her during the introduction to his video. Taylor’s ex, Calvin Harris, also had a slight dig to her when he picked up a VMA for the song that the former pair co-wrote last year.

It was probably a smart move that Taylor skipped the awards and took the high road. One thing she definitely won’t skip is her duty as a citizen. Taylor headed to court on Monday, August 29, 2016, to fulfill her jury duty obligations. She must still be a resident of Nashville, Tennessee, as the singer with the country roots showed up at the courthouse in Music City. She was prepared to do more than serve on the jury, too!

Taylor was all smiles as she posed for excited fans who had the good fortune to get called for jury duty alongside her.


She also signed autographs for excited fellow jurors. The case may be confidential, but their Taylor encounter wasn’t. Many fans took to social media to post their picture with the singer who is sometimes affectionately called T-Swizzle. She patiently smiled as awestruck fellow jurors wanted to take her picture as she was sitting at a table at the courthouse and what looks like a row of a courtroom.

Taylor wasn’t asking for attention. She wore her hair in a simple but very attractive bob and minimal makeup. In fact, she was looking every bit the part of a serious juror in a short-sleeved, V-necked black ensemble. She was modest but fashionable, which is typical of Taylor, who has stated many times in the past that she takes being a role model very seriously. Apparently that is true inside and outside of a courtroom.

Taylor’s devoted fans are called Swifties, and apparently Twitter user Tracey Bates, who goes by the Twitter hanle @TracysActivism, is a big Swiftie. She posted a video of Taylor listening attentively to her fellow jurors and then speaking about how sweet their share was. She also posted a photo of an autograph that Taylor personalized to her with a kind note about how nice it was to meet her.

At 9:01 AM on August 29, Tracy Bates reported, “Taylor Swift just got picked for voir dire.” Time will tell how long Taylor will need to serve on the jury, but one thing seems absolutely certain: Ms. Swift takes her duty to both the court and her fans very seriously.